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to advance the science of agriculture for the public benefit through original investigation and research, which may embrace all or any subject(s) connected to or bearing upon agriculture, including animal or vegetable physiology, meteorology, botany and chemistry

Lawes Agricultural Trust

The Lawes Agricultural Trust (“LAT”), established in 1889 by Sir John Bennet Lawes, supports Rothamsted Research’s national and international agricultural scientific research through the provision of land, facilities and funding.

LAT owns the land and buildings at the Rothamsted Estate in Harpenden and at Brooms Barn, Suffolk, as well as a number of residential properties in the surrounding areas. While it supports Rothamsted Research’s scientific activities, LAT is a separate charitable trust with its own purposes, trustees and management.

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Stay with us at Lawes Agricultural trust

We offer accommodation to Rothamsted Research staff, students and visiting workers, as well as others who work on the Rothamsted Campus. Find out more about our accommodation by clicking on the properties below.

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Located in Harpenden and twenty minutes’ walk from the main campus. The building is a large 15 bedroom house with a shared kitchen built in 1908.

The Ninnings are houses located on the main Rothamsted campus.  Let either on a room by room basis, or as a whole property to those with families.

Located a 10-minute walk away from the main campus buildings, Manor Close comprises of one-bedroom flats, and some multi bedroom houses and bungalows, mainly let to couples and families.

Located in Harpenden and twenty minutes’ walk from the main campus. Lawes Court comprises of mainly 3 bedroom flats. That are let on a room by room basis to individuals, or whole as family accommodation.

AnoVA and De Ramsey Courts are purpose-built accommodation blocks. They are the newest accommodation we have to offer and are both located on the main Rothamsted Campus.

Cherry Cottage


The Trust has a wide and varied portfolio that includes many different types of properties, some of these are let on the open market. This includes various cottages, many of which are situated near by Rothamsted Manor House.

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