Application Process

Yes, we complete Right to Rent checks on all tenants and adults who may be living with them. 

Please email the Accommodation Office accommodation@lawestrust.org. If you have already signed a tenancy agreement you will be responsible for your rent for that period. 

We do need an estimated arrival date to secure your accommodation and send you your offer. However, we appreciate that travel plans aren’t always simple. Please let us know by contacting accommodation@lawestrust.org and we’ll do our best to help. 

As soon as possible. We can’t confirm your exact accommodation too far in advance, but if you are looking for accommodation please complete an application as soon as you can. 

We can accept payments directly to our bank account by bank transfer. If you will struggle to pay this way, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Yes, our accommodation is available all year round.  We do not offer discounts or refunds if you decide not to live in your accommodation during holiday periods. 

Accommodation at Rothamsted

Accommodation at Rothamsted Research is owned and managed by The Lawes Agricultural Trust. The Trust has a small but diverse portfolio of different accommodation types. 

Please see Accommodation Types for details.

We don’t routinely offer short term accommodation, however please contact Accommodation@lawestrust.org and we’ll see if we can help. 

Our minimum let is normally 1 month. But if you need accommodation for less, please get in touch Accommodation@lawestrust.org and we’ll see if we can help. 

To apply please complete the application form.

No. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee accommodation. We will do our best to help you, but we will prioritise according to Rothamsted housing allocation guidelines. When completing your application form please let us know further information about your individual requirements and we can identify rooms most suitable to meet your needs subject to availability. 

Accessible rooms are subject to availability.  When you complete your application form, please let us know further details. 

PhD students are able to apply for all types of accommodation, but we do not routinely group PhD students together. 

Please see the information within the accommodation types for information about our property prices. 

No, we don’t offer catered accommodation. There is an excellent restaurant on site, Rothamsted restaurant however. 

We do have accommodation that is suitable for couples or families, however numbers are very limited. 

A tenancy agreement would usually start with a fixed term. We usually suggest a 3 – 6-month period. Following this a contract can be extended by mutual agreement. We do not offer ‘term time’ agreements.

If you wish to change your departure date please contact us as soon as possible. If you have signed a fixed tenancy agreement, then it is not usually possible to leave early without charges. 

Of course. Please contact accommodation@lawestrust.org and we’ll arrange a time. We’ll only be able to show you rooms that are vacant at that time. 

We’ll look at your application form and preferences and try and match you with suitable accommodation that is available. It may not be possible to match you with your preferred accommodation. 

No, not all. The majority of our tenants are Rothamsted Research employees or students. However, we also welcome tenants who are employees of one of the many companies that are based at the Rothamsted campus.

When you sign your tenancy agreement you commit to a fixed period of your stay, so it’s not always possible to move. If you are unhappy with your accommodation, please let us know and we’ll try and find a solution for you.  

LAT owns the land and buildings at the Rothamsted Estate in Harpenden and at Brooms Barn, Suffolk, as well as a number of residential properties in the surrounding areas. While it supports Rothamsted Research’s scientific activities, LAT is a separate charitable trust with its own purposes, trustees and management.

While we will always try to support needs from Rothamsted staff and students where possible, the number and range of accommodation is limited and so we cannot guarantee that we will have availability at all times. You should apply in the usual way as soon as possible.

Living in LAT Accommodation

Please see the details under Accommodation Type. Dependent on your chosen accommodation, furniture may or may not provided, so please see your accommodation offer for details. All accommodation that is let on a ‘room agreement’ will be furnishd, but ‘whole property’ lets may not be. Unfurnished properties will be marked clearly.   All accommodation that is let ‘room-by room’ are furnished with: bed and mattress, and storage. Most rooms have a desk and desk chair. 

Shared kitchens are equipped with cooker, microwave, kettle, fridge/freezer. 

If you have a studio room, there is a cooker and fridge, but you will need to bring a kettle etc. 

Whilst there are some basic items provided you will need to bring:

  • cookware (such as pots and pans)
  • crockery (such as plates, bowls and mugs)
  • utensils

There are free to use laundry facilities in all shared accommodation (Lawes Court, Southwood Court, AnoVa Court and De Ramsey Court, The Ninnings). 

No, we do not provide bedding. We do have bedding packs to buy if require, please let us know in advance. 

When you receive your offer of accommodation it will state what is included and what isn’t. Generally for ‘room lets’ utilities (heating, electricity and water) and council tax are included. 

Accommodation that is provided on a room by room basis in Ninnings cottages and AnoVa & De Ramsey Courts has Wi-Fi included.

Generally accommodation at LAT is for a maximum of 3 years. Your length of stay is also determined by your tenancy agreement. 

No – all areas of our accommodation (including bedrooms) are no-smoking areas.

We may not be able to meet you in person but we can arrange access for out of hours. We might need to offer you temporary accommodation until we can confirm your Right to Rent in person, but we can organise access for you out of hours. Be sure to let us know in advance. 

Yes, we allow pets in some accommodations but they must be registered with us. We do not allow pets in shared accommodation.

Yes. Some of our rooms have aerial points and most of communal spaces have TVs provided. You’ll need a TV licence for your own use.

There is limited parking at the accommodation sites however, there is free parking at the Rothamsted Campus.

Yes of course, we have bike storage near most residences and there is secure storage on Rothamsted Campus.

Unfortunately, not, we’ll do our best to take your preferences into account if we have availability but cannot guarantee anything. 

In shared accommodation you should ask your flatmates permission and where applicable sign the guest book. For longer stays you will require permission of the accommodation office. 

No, you can’t sublet. 

Please see the resident’s handbook for full details of items that we can’t allow in our residences.  

Cleaning your room is your responsibility and we require that you keep communal areas clean, tidy, and hygienic too. We will clean communal areas such as corridors and shared kitchens on a weekly basis. 

If you have a maintenance issue whilst living in accommodation please let us know maintenance@lawestrust.org and we will endeavour to fix the issues for you.

We undertake regular routine and preventative maintenance across our property portfolio. Sometimes this may mean that we require access to your room or property. We will contact you should this be the case. 

All accommodation can accept post and deliveries. You are responsible for the security of your own postal items.

We don’t have a waiting list but we do have a Teams group where we post details of available properties – please contact the accommodation@lawestrust.org to be added.

international residents

No, tenants do not require a UK bank account to pay their rent. However, transfer to and from international banks usually incur charges for which you are liable.

It is advisable to keep open a UK bank account to receive your deposit back. Transferring money to an international bank account may cause you to incur charges.